Champagne Plier & Corkscrew Set

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Champagne Plier & Corkscrew Set
Code: wing set
For safe and easy removal of corks from champagne or sparkling wine bottles. Finished to match the Wing Corkscrew, making it an ideal gift set.

Our Champagne Plier has strengthened metal tips to cut the wire cage easily.

This set comes with our heavy duty Wing Corkscrew.

Our Wing Corkscrew has an all metal beer cap remover.

The heavy duty cast metal arms provide better leverage for easy cork extraction.

The plastic insert protects the bottle neck from chipping.

Our open spiral design eliminates cork crumbling.

This Corkscrew has rubber comfort grips on the handles.
Retail Packaging
Retail Packaging for Champagne Plier & Corkscrew Set